Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait (GIG-Kuwait) participated in the 18th Kuwaiti Conference of Surgeons



GIG-Kuwait is one of the leading insurance companies in the MENA region, sponsored the 18th Kuwaiti Conference of Surgeons and the 7th Forum of the General Surgery, which was organized by the College of Surgery at the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization. 
The Kuwaiti Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi hosted the event and the previous Ministers of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Jarallah and Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, James Holtznyder of the US Embassy, and Director of the Dasman Institute, Dr. Qais Al-Duwairi.were all in attendance. 

The conference has a direct impact on the social responsibility and improvement of the health system in Kuwait. GIG-Kuwait explained that participation in such conferences is in line with the company’s strategy to serve and contribute to Kuwaiti health, society and cultural development. GIG-Kuwait’s focus on the improvement of health and safety stems from its belief in the importance of medical science development in all its fields, and the desired benefits from the topics discussed during the conference at various levels.