Frequently Asked Questions

  • Protection against vehicle damage.
  • Accidents from both known and unknown parties.
  • Fire.
  • Theft.
  • Dealership repairs
  • No file opening charges
  • No depreciation on consumables when limited estimation damage not exceeding the totaling value.
  • Replacement vehicle entitlement up to 15 days.
  • Windshield replacement once annually
  • Unknown 3rd party, currently at 750 kwd, exceeding costs would be split in 50%/50% basis.
  • Rim repairs if no 3rd party is at 50% co-payment, scratches and minor dings are covered up to 60% with a maximum of 150 KWD worth of repair costs

NOTE: Policy terms are subject to amendments; please contact 1802080 for the latest.

  • If known third party, full—up to the total vehicle value (after depreciation subjection).
  • Unknown third party, partially – with ceiling set during the policy’s production.
  • In case of fire and theft, up to %75 of the insured annual value is covered.
  • Sub limits are also set on specific types of damage related to scratches and door dings, rims, tires and windshield replacements, check Benefits.
  • Through telemarketing via calling 1802080
  • Head office and branches
  • Direct sales.

Note: Vehicle must not have suffered damage during the contract inception period.

  • Vehicle age must not exceed the 5 years.
  • Continuous vehicle insurance exceeding the 5 years limitation is extendable with, however, different policy terms, such as certified garage repairs instead of within- dealerships.
  • Vehicle must not have active damage during the request.
  • Premium calculation is based on the make/type of the vehicle as well as the year model.
  • Minimum premium is 200 KWD – dealership repair inclusive.
  • Minimum premium is 150KWD – non inclusive of dealership repairs
  • 4% for Japanese and American makes.
  • 4.5% for European makes.
  • Civil ID of vehicle owner – back and front.
  • Vehicle’s registration
  • Owner contact details.
  • Daytime vehicle inspection if the vehicle has already left the dealership after purchase.
  • No claims history.
  • Tenure not exceeding the 8 months.
  • Cancellation documents to be signed at HO.
  • Visit dealership for estimation, if GIG affiliated.
  • Visit HO to open file, if non-GIG affiliated.
  • GIG would provide estimation documents to the dealer.

Once the repair order is created.

Replacement vehicles are provided in accordance to the repair duration required by the garage with a policy maximum of 15 days.

No police reports are required for windshield replacements.

  • You can, through Whatsapp.
  • Provide the vehicles registration.
  • Photo of the damage.
  • CID.
  • Policy information
  • Whatsapp #: 62221102 

Compulsory insurance required by the state of Kuwait that provides cover for others from damage incurred by the insured. 

  • Civil ID of vehicle owner – back and front.
  • Vehicle’s registration
  • Owner contact details.
  • Vehicle’s registration
  • Cancellation documents to be signed at the head office.
  • Private Sedan 4 passengers: 19 KWD
  • Private Sedan 5 passengers: 19.500 KWD.
  • Private Sedan 6 passengers: 20.000 KWD
  • Private Sedan 6 passengers: 20.500 KWD
  • Japanese SUV 2 Passengers: 20.500 KWD
  • Japanese Regular Pickup (2 seats): 20.500 KWD
  • Japanese Double cab pickup: 22.500 KWD
  • American SUV 2 Passengers: 22.500 KWD
  • American Regular PickUP (2 seats): 22.500 KWD
  • American double cab: 24.500 KWD
  • Obtain police reports (3 different documents)
  • Either visit HQ to open file/certified GIG garage to estimate damage.
  • Bring documents to HO.
  • Await validation of documents.
  • Receive a date to receive compensations if validated.

TPL policies are delivered only during working days.

  • Visit a branch/HO to amend.
  • Bring the old policy papers.
  • Health insurance policy.
  • Many variants exist with different maximum limits and geographical limits.
  • Call 1802080 to inquire.
  • Dependent on age, BMI  and the submitted application.
  • Call 1802080 and request a private medical policy.
  • Expect a call back from a specialist.
  • The specialist will submit an application to be filled by the customer.
  • Once, filled, resubmit back to the company and await a follow up call with the quotation.
  • Select a medical provider within the gig network.
  • Provide the medical provider with the insurance card.
  • Provider will submit all the required procedures to gig for approval.
  • Approvals are reviewed on policy terms basis.
  • Maximum wait for decision is 30 mins.  
  • Contact 1802080 to verify the status of your claim.

•    Either contact 1802080 
•    Visit

  • Email
  • Call 1802080
  • Whatsapp 1802080
  • Provide your policy information, ie; CID and policy number.
  • Reimbursement is only approved for out of network clinics.
  • Customary prices apply.
  • Visit GIG HO
  • Provide medical reports + paid receipts.
  • Once documents are reviewed, a follow up call is initiated to update you with the status of your claim.

All pre-existing conditions are excluded in private medical policies.

Chronic conditions have a waiting period of 12 months. NOTE that pre-existing conditions will not be covered.

The waiting period for dental treatment is 3 months.

You may, at any time, contact the call center at 1802080 to inquire.

  • Renewal can be done through calling 1802080.
  • Visiting HO/branch.
  • Direct sales.
  • Long term investment plans with accumulating annual returns.
  • Offers protection through indemnifying if a policy condition is met.
  • Premium is paid monthly.
  • Call 1802080.
  • A request will be created to have a specialist contact you.

All policy information can be accessed via

Contact 1802080 and a specialist will be assigned to you.

Yes you can, however the invested amounts will be impacted. If the cancellation is before the completion of two years, the invested amount will not be refunded.

No the invested money cannot be loaned.

Mandatory coverage required by the Sri-Lankan embassy.

30 KWD.

Two years.

In case of death of the Life Assured before the Expiry Date of the insurance certificate the beneficiary is entitled to an amount of KD 2,000.- (Two Thousand Kuwaiti Dinars or equivalent in other currency)

  • Total Permanent Disability due to accident
  • Permanent and  Partial Disability due to accident
  • Repatriation of mortal remains to the country of origin
  • Repatriation and legal expenses
  • Emergency medical expenses

Travel Insurance policies cover medical emergencies only.

Residents of the state of Kuwait.

The policy is only applicable to those who reside within the geographical boundaries of Kuwait and travel for a short period of time not exceeding a total of 3 consecutive months.

Based on duration of travel and age, as well as the type of opted policy. There are those which provide $50,000 maximum payables and those of $150,000, with the latter being more expensive due to the coverage increment. 

Age will influence how the policy is priced.
From 3 months till 65 yrs old with regular prices,  65-75 incurs 50% increase, 75-80 incurrs 100%, 81 and above Schengen region only with 300% increase in price.

These are open file charges for medical claims.

Photocopy of Insurance Policy and passport showing departures and arrivals
Medical Reciepts and reports stamped by treating  clinic

Yes there, this would include any country at an active war.

Yes you can however children must not exceed the age of 17, those that are older would require a separate travel insurance policy.

  • For Gulf Assist policies: 97317216839
  • For AIG policies within Kuwait: 22474260 1/2/3

Protection against various sources of damage that your home could sustain from a covered peril.

•    Fire & lightening.
•    Gas cylinders, pipes and boilers explosions.
•    Impact of vehicles not owned by the residents.
•    Theft by force.
•    Civil liabilities

  • Call 1802080.
  • You will be provided with an application form to fill, declaring content values.
  • There are preset sum insured policies as well as those that require surveying based on your needs.

No, there are single article limits to keep note of which would require declaration.

There is a maximum period of un-occupancy  of 45 days.

If all other policy conditions are met—such as the inclusion of the proximate cause, then there would be coverage depending on the type of policy in-force.

Yes proof of purchase like receipts or any operating manuals may be required.

Under-insuring will subject claims to the same insured percentage, meaning if you have insured 50% of the value, then the liability of the insurance company would be 50% of the cost of loss.

Yes, your cover may also include third party liability against the owner, shall he bring forth a judgement against the renter due to a covered peril.

Covers legal liability that may arise as result of owning a boat.

Refer to the table below:


Limit of Liability /KWD

Premium /KWD










Jet Sky



Yes you can, up to a maximum of 3 months prior to the policy’s expiration.

Yes you can, please visit our HQ with the boat’s documents.

You can through filling the appropriate application which requests some essential information regarding the boat,  such as and not limited to: model/brand, value, location, captain’s experience and  license… etc.

Please contact 1802080 with all the necessary information readily available.

Upgrade your local medical insurance to include larger geographical boundaries.
It includes covers In / Out-patient medical (Emergency + Non emergency )

  • Global: Covers Worldwide
  • International: Covers Worldwide ( excluding USA / Canada )
  • Regional: Covers ( GCC, MENA, South East Asia & Turkey )
  • Only In-Patient plan or In & Out-Patient plan
  • Annual financial limit KD 50,000 or KD 100,000
  • Co-pay for In-Patient treatment – Nil or %10
  • Co-pay for Out-Patient treatments –Nil or %20

Through reimbursement, which applies on all outpatient claims, be it in network or out of network, this includes day care cases. 

  • Claim form must be Completed, Signed & Stamped by the treating doctor.
  • Attach the Original bills/invoices and Medical report &/or medical results.
  • Attach copy of the ASFAR Medical Card.
  • Copy of the Group valid Medical Card for the treated insured, and if not available copy of the Civil ID card.
  • All documents must be submitted to HQ-branch.
  • Submission of the claim must be within a maximum of 60 days from receiving the treatment.

The claim will be subjected to auditing based on Policy Terms & Conditions to ensure coverage and the financial limits applied.

Assuming all documents were fully submitted as required, a maximum of 21 working days.

  • You must seek pre-approval by contacting one of the contact numbers listed in the back of your membership card before admission.
  • If approved and after completion of the treatment, you will submit to the insurance company within a maximum period of 60 days from the date of discharge from the hospital the completed claim form by the treating physician with the original invoices and medical reports for the reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement will be based on %80 Reasonable and Customary charges applicable for Kuwait for the same treatment in addition to the Co-pay if any.
  • In case of emergency treatment, you can head to the nearest hospital. You must notify us within 48 hours from admission.