Gulf Insurance Group - Kuwait announces the addition of COVID-19 cover under all Travel Insurance Policies

Kuwait - July 2020: Gulf Insurance Group - Kuwait has upgraded its Travel Insurance policies with the addition of COVID-19 coverage to protect its customers throughout their travels during the pandemic. 
GIG-Kuwait announced that the coverage provides emergency medical expenses in the event of infection with COVID-19 until the condition stabilizes, in addition to other pre-existing coverage as part of the insurance packages. 

Additionally, the new Travel Insurance policy with COVID- 19 coverage is in alliance with the latest policies maintained for travel by governments, embassies and airlines. The policy covers individuals or families from 3 months old to 75 Years old.

GIG-Kuwait  indicated that the document provides special coverage for the countries of the European Union, "Schengen", where basic insurance coverage starts at 30 thousand euros, up to platinum coverage at half a million dollars.

GIG-Kuwait stated that the policy premium depends on the travel insurance period, which is a minimum of one week to one year. The policy is flexible to some extent allowing the addition of multiple trips and sporting activities as part of the plan.  The package prices start from four Kuwaiti dinars per person for basic coverage for a week to 146 dinars for family coverage according to the annual document that covers multiple trips, as well as the possibility of adding various types of winter sports to travel documents.

All customers can inquire about the policy through communicating with GIG-Kuwait’s call center and customer service at 1802080, available 24/7. The upgraded Travel Insurance policy is part of the requirements of the health authorities in the State of Kuwait and the General Administration of Civil Aviation announces the necessity of this type of insurance for travelers starting from next August.

Customers that wish to purchase this policy can obtain it through several channels easily and conveniently, the most prominent of which is the Gulf Insurance application GIG-Kuwait in addition to the website Customers may visit our branches by booking an appointment prior to their arrival, through the Skiplino application, in accordance with the health and safety rules of gig-Kuwait with social distancing measures. 

GIG-Kuwait is keen to keep introducing new products and continue developing policies that are in demand by citizens and residents, and to present them according to the best standards with the highest levels of customer service and the most competitive prices.