Group Medical Insurance

In addition to providing excellent plans for individual clients,  Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait, offers several options for organizations seeking to enroll in group insurance plans.
All group plans offered by (gig-Kuwait) provide access to an exclusive health care network consisting of all major hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies in Kuwait. When signing up for group insurance with (gig-Kuwait), two major types of plan are available:

  • Gulf Elite
  • Gulf Med.

Gulf Elite provides fast and convenient access to our entire health care network, without the hassle of preapprovals. Gulf Elite clients can attend any of the hospitals, clinics or laboratories covered in their plan and immediately receive any necessary treatments. Payments will be billed directly to the insurance company, who will alert the client of any deductibles or non-covered treatments, which they can later pay at their own convenience.

 Gulf Med is run in partnership with TPA, creating a comprehensive health network to deliver the highest-quality service. With the help of a fully digitized system, service providers will be able to instantly access client information in order to determine which services are available to them. Clients are immediately informed of any deductibles or extra expenses, with no surprise billings.