CEO Message

Mr. Tareq Abdul Wahab Al Sahhaf

Chief Executive Officer

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Gulf Insurance Group – Kuwait (gig-Kuwait) website, which is designed according to the highest standards and the latest technology to provide you with the best insurance solutions that keep pace with the global development of the insurance sector.

Gulf Insurance Group - Kuwait is undergoing a qualitative change in various fields and I hope that our website will create an opportunity for our valued visitors around the world to learn more about our leading operations, financial performance, strategies, services, sustainability initiatives and values. This website is part of our commitment to transparency and open communication to all stakeholders as well as anyone interested in our activities.

Gulf Insurance Group - Kuwait has gained experience and is positioned as a leading insurance company locally and regionally offering all innovative insurance solutions and services to individuals and companies for all types of insurance at the lowest cost. Therefore, the company designed flexible products to be able to provide flexible premiums to meet the needs of the client according to our budget.

In spite of gig-Kuwait's direct relationship with its customers, the Company seeks to deal with all types of distribution networks such as brokers and insurance agents, telemarketing, Internet and any other unconventional distribution network that can reach the largest customer base. We are keen to provide our services in a modern and innovative way, taking into account the importance of speed and simplicity when providing products and settling claims.

This was one of the important pillars to create value for its customers being part of the Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait, over the past 50 years and more to provide the best insurance services. Allowing a leading position and achieving wide spread recognition across the Middle East and North Africa distributed over the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Turkey, in addition to Kuwait.